The Good, The Bad, And the Pretty…

The Bad

Since I like to end on a high note I am actually going to start with “The Bad”. I have had some pain in my left heel for quite some time and over the last week the pain has gotten progressively worse. After consulting with a nurse practitioner it seems like I am dealing with something called “Plantar Fascitis”. For those of you, like myself just earlier today, who don’t know what this is defines plantar fascitis as “Plantar fascitis is caused by straining the ligament that supports your arch. Repeated strain can cause tiny tears in the ligament. These can lead to pain and swelling.” In simple terms my heel has been over worked, under stretched and is essentially inflamed. Luckily there are several things one can do to address this issue so here is my current plan.
1.      Icing my heel twice a day
2.      No running for 2 weeks (BOO!). The repetitive pounding for runners is a huge culprit of the pain so I need to         back  off to give my heel some time to heal. 😉
3.      Take anti-inflammatory medications twice daily
4.      Rest my foot/heal as much as possible
5.      Start using some orthotic insoles in my shoes. For now I am using the Walk Fit until I can see a doctor.
6.      Make an appointment with a specialist if the pain does not subside. This could be an indicator of a more serious condition.
I need to throw out there that this is just my plan of action and under no circumstances should you use a plan like this instead of consulting your physician. 🙂 We are all different so let your doc check you out!

Now, what this means for me is a lot of gym time, cycle time, and other low impact activities. Maybe I can get in some swimming time as well. I am trying not to get too down as I have been very lucky in the injury department.

The Good
Today was generally good and that is always something to smile about. I started my day with a whole grain English muffin, egg, turkey sausage and V8 fusion. Yum!

Work was busy and I was glad to have some leftovers from last night’s dinner prepared by the hubs. Here is the recipe for our easy cheesy mac.

-In a skillet add some extra virgin olive oil and the following ingredients Ground Italian Turkey Sausage, 1 large chopped onion, chopped zucchini or squash, chopped mushrooms. Once the meat is brown and the veggies are tender drain the excess water and fat. Then stir in one jar of a pre-made cheese sauce or your own béchamel sauce. I
recommend making your own so you can control the fat/calorie content.  Bring the sauce  to a boil and then combine with 1 box of whole grain spiral pasta- garnish with salt and pepper. It is easy, tasty, and makes the best leftovers!

After work and some errand running I made it home in time to make some balsamic onion pasta. You can find the recipe here.

The Pretty
My husband, like most husbands, is not a shopper. It just isn’t his thing. Shocking that a man doesn’t want to meander around endless racks of frills and dresses and answer questions like “Hey you know those shoes I bought that time we saw Wicked at Virginia Beach? Would those go with this dress?” However, since marriage is give and take sometimes I can get Bryan to shop with me (and I love it). Yesterday he agreed to go on my little New York and Company shopping trip. I love taking the hubs shopping because he picks up things I would never notice in a million years. He is pretty artistic so I like to see the type of clothes that catches his eye. I think yesterday the two of us found some pretty cute finds. Keep in mind that after sales and coupon this little spree came in at well under $70.00 dollars. Also, keep in mind I am obsessed with the yellow/gray/white combination so I was pretty jazzed to pick up these pieces!

2 dresses, 1 flutter sleeve tee, 1 crepe top, and a most fantastic vest!

This was Bry's pick and I LOVE it. I had seen the vest/top before and I really liked it. I imagine this with a lace cami underneath with chunky suede boots in the early fall. A perfect summer to fall color and look!

I am spending tonight catching up on blogs and TIVO and planning 2 weeks worth of non-running (BOO!) workouts. Have a Happy and Healthy Monday!

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