AEP Festival In The Park 10K Race Recap (Sort Of)

So this morning Bryan and I were scheduled to run the AEP Festival in The Park race in Roanoke, Va. There was a 10K and 5K option which I always enjoy. As some of my regular visitors may know, I live about an hour from Roanoke (and these races start early) so time is of the essence. I first want to say this is one of the only races I have done with no email reminder the week of the race with essential information. We had an address given to us when we registered for packet pick-up so that is where we headed this morning bright and early. I started the day with my pre-race  breakfast of a whole grain English muffin with organic peanut butter and a V8 fusion. I think this is going to be my default racing breakfast from this point on.

We drove an hour to the location knowing packet pick up was 6:30-7:30 and when we got there we find out that this was only the location for early packet pickup and regular packet pick up is at the race site. This is not terribly uncommon but we realized we had no idea where the race was. We assumed the packet pickup people would tell us. So after getting out the hubs smart phone we look up the race page on facebook which did not have the information we needed. So, we then looked up the page for the Festival In the Park itself and finally found the address. We plug it in the GPS and I see we will arrive at 7:40. Ahem. The race is at 8:00 so I am thinking worse case scenario we are a minute or two late and we run the 5k instead of the 1ok and The End. We park and full on run to the packet pickup. It is now 7:52. We find a volunteer who is really nice and says” hurry up there so you can catch someone. We are about to start.” So we get to the pick up table to find 1 girl, empty tables, and her basically saying “Sorry we closed down at 7:30” Its now 7:55 or so. So the hubs tries to reason with her (we know now the packets are in her car) and she refuses. So the gun goes off, the race starts, and we are numberless and kind of pissed. There were WAY less runners than I anticipated so that was the one thing that kept me from losing my mind on this poor girl right there. We take some responsibility for being late of course but the information was confusing and it was a “fun run” not the Olympics-They should have just let us run. I did manage to snap a couple of pictures for the blog before the bitterness set in.

Downtown Roanoke

The Race we SHOULD have run. Ahem.

The Park

From what I could tell the event itself was well organized. There were plenty of medical staff, police, etc on hand. The post race food looked good and it would have been a fun area to run in. There is always next year I guess. 🙂 Since I was REALLY upset the hubs suggested we register to run The Uncle Billy’s Day 2 miler in Altavista VA, and The Percivals Island 5 miler here in Lynchburg. I also registered for a 5K on the 19th here in town. My husband won’t be joining me but he will be coming out to show support which is pretty cool too.

End Recap——————————————————————————————————————————–

After leaving the “race” I was feeling down so Bryan suggested stopping in a little town in between Roanoke and home called Bedford for a run. This was a gorgeous park and I will admit it made missing the race a little easier to take.

Bryan has been having some shin issues lately so we decided to do a nice gentle run. Does anyone have any tips for avoiding or nursing shin splints? Even injured the hubs was ready to run with me.

He was even “Running In Pink” (sort of)

Hey pink is pink. It totally counts

After leaving the park we headed home and got showered and changed for an afternoon out. I decided on some black pants, a very Spring-ified ruffly shirt with a cropped cardigan. I of course carried my yellow bag which has been my summer staple. I keep seeing these yellow leather bags popping up everywhere. I choose to ignore the fact that yellow is very in for summer and instead go on under the delusion that it’s all because of this fabulous bag I bought while I was in FL for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon. I also included this shot because I have not put up a full body progress shot in a while. 🙂

We headed to Depot Grill for lunch. I like the atmosphere of being by the river and the train tracks. It has kind of a cool vibe.

I also love that you can write on the tables and walls with the crayons they leave for you. I of course had to endorse my blog and Bryan decided we needed to make sure our names made it on the wall.

We both chose Smoked turkey wraps with fries for lunch. I have been REALLY craving fries so I had some. Its that simple. Tomorrow I am back to clean eating and the french fry craving is gone.

After lunch the hubs wanted to treat me to a cupcake and who am I to turn down a cupcake? (All things in moderation and I havent had one in weeks. ) Soo we headed over to Tasty Selections where we picked up matching Creme Brulee cupcakes to go.

I spent an afternoon shopping where I (gasp) bought nothing and then ran some errands. Tonight is more errand running and dinner out with my hubs.

I am so so so looking forward to a weird combination of activities tomorrow. First up is an extra fabulous day of brunch, shopping and Sex and the City 2 with a girlfriend followed by urban camping with the hubs pals. It will be interesting for sure.  I cant wait to share it with all of you! Have a Happy and Healthy LONG weekend!

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